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About EzApply

Ezapply gives institutions an easy way to build any type of online form, integrate it with their website and begin collecting data. Once you have started collecting that data you can use the information you gathered in our online database or export it.

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EzApply provides institutions with an easy way to build web forms that integrate with their websites without any programming, software, or special skills. Once you have started collecting data with EzApply, you can manage and edit the information online, share data with others in your organization.

Application Forms

Having a online application form is the first step in building relationships with prospective students to your website. Quickly build a web form and integrate it with your site - literally within a few minutes. Best of all, by using EzApply, you can maintain all your information in an easy to access database.

Event Registrations

Whether managing a small event or a large conference, EzApply allows you to create event registration forms that suit your needs with our web form creator. Collect and process payments, share data with others, and manage all submissions in a secure online database.

Other Uses

  • Job Applications
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Contests/Promotions
  • Newsletter Sign ups
  • Donor Feedback forms
  • Fundraising Forms
  • Course Evaluation Forms
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Class Registrations