Creating and Collecting Data is now Simple & Easy!

Learn how easy it is to get started and find out how online data collection and website forms can transform your organization.

Building Forms

Just scan and upload, send us a word document or get on a phone call with us and will take your requirement and you will be ready to use the form in a matter of hours. We are also working on a new drag and drop interface, which allows you to easily create an HTML form and add any type of form element (e.g. Text fields, email field, file upload). Using the toolbar, you can manage your field types, add sections, and rearrange your fields.

Prefferences and Settings

From the control panel you can control notification and confirmation email settings, integrate the forms with our multiple payment options.


With EzApply you can quickly view, sort, and search the information you have gathered. You can create saved searches, and share that data with others. Download your data to Excel.

Easy to Use

You can easily manage how you integrate your form with your website.

URL Link: The URL Link provides an easy way to link from your web page to your form with little effort. we can use style templates to match your form to the unique look and feel of your website.

Embed Form: Very soon we'll give you a code that you can copy code and paste it into your website so that the form can be simply embedded right into your web page.